Connect with ScientiaMobile at Mobile World Congress 2013, Barcelona, February 25-28

Connect with ScientiaMobile at Mobile World Congress 2013, Barcelona, February 25-28

Meet with members of ScientiaMobile’s executive team at Mobile World Congress and discuss how WURFL device detection solutions can address your Customer Service, Network Analytics, and Marketing needs.

The mobile telecommunications industry requires real-time analytics tools in order to address a number of pressing issues.

Customer Service: Identify and confirm the device a user is actually using. Quickly identify whether the device is capable of the task the subscriber is attempting.
Network Optimization: Add device type and capabilities to other dimensions of customer experience (network location and performance, services used, user identity). Help to control, improve and optimize network performance.
Marketing: Leverage device knowledge to identify what devices and capabilities increase usage and revenue.

ScientiaMobile provides WURFL InFuze device detection solution to address telecommunications needs. Mobile operators can leverage the high performance of WURFL InFuze C++ API to integrate device knowledge into a number of systems. Likewise, network equipment providers can integrate WURFL InFuze and OEM device detection to improve the effectiveness of a number of their own products: from network analytics, to load balancing, to video compression.

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ScientiaMobile provides the industry’s most accurate and flexible device detection solution, helping our customers deliver great web experiences and manage the increasingly fragmented mobile device ecosystem. We sell WURFL, a constantly-updated database of devices that catalogues over 500 capabilities with a range of API languages. Our WURFL framework enables companies like Google, Facebook, Nokia, and other Fortune 500 companies to effectively design and analyze web experiences for an ever-growing range of smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and game consoles.