Changes in Brazilian Smartphone Usage: 2015 Q1 vs. 2018 Q1 Comparison

Changes in Brazilian Smartphone Usage: 2015 Q1 vs. 2018 Q1 Comparison

Brazil is a country full of change and increasing global impact, which is why we decided to focus on Brazil for our 2018 Q1 Mobile Overview Report (MOVR). We took a look a the top 10 smartphones and the top manufacturers, then and now, to see what trends we could find over the past three years.

Top Smartphone

In 2015 Q1, the blockbuster smartphone of Brazil was the Motorola Moto G. Combining its first and second generation models, the Moto G had over 16% of usage. Apple and Samsung models made up the remainder of the top 10 smartphones. The top 10 made up 44% of the Brazilian smartphone usage, which is slightly more fragmented compared to the N. American market (50%).

In 2018 Q1, the Google Nexus 5 is the most popular smartphone in Brazil with 6.8%. The fifth generation of the Moto G appears at 3%. The market is even more fragmented in 2018 Q1 compared to 2015 Q1, with the top 10 representing only 35% of Brazilian smartphone usage. Generally, Brazil continues to be an Android dominated market (28.9% of the top 10 in 2015 Q1 were Android and in 2018 Q1, 21.7% of the top 10 are Android).

Top Smartphone Manufacturers

The big change over the last three years is the decline of Motorola’s share of smartphone usage, from 25% to 12% in 2018 Q1. The decline in popularity of the Moto G, combined with the growth of competing budget models from Samsung (e.g. J5 or J7) and LG explains most of the changes. Samsung is the most popular manufacturer, with 26% of smartphone usage in 2018 Q1. Apple has grown its share 2% since 2015, ending as the second most popular manufacturer in 2018 Q1 at 22%.

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