Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

Powering CDNs with Device Intelligence Image Optimization

Increase the Value and Utility of Your CDN Service.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are constantly looking to increase the value they deliver to businesses and their customers.  With ScientiaMobile’s CDN service bundles, you can can strategically increase value by adding mobile optimization, device analytics, and optimizing image payloads. ScientiaMobile’s CDN service bundles can transform CDNs so they are ready for a mobile-first world.

Find the Right Plan for Your CDN




  • Includes Standard features plus:
  • WURFL Ultra
  • Pro CDN WURFL Capabilities
  • ImageEngine image resizing, optimization
  • Architecture and integration services

WURFL: Accurate and Fast Device Detection

CDNs are strategically positioned to help web sites and their end users by detecting mobile devices and optimizing web services. By adding device intelligence to edge servers, CDNs can address many issues that impact the mobile experience. We offer a range of  WURFL products to match the speed and scalability needs of CDNs.  WURFL InFuze has several modules for different servers, load balancers, and caching platforms, including: Apache, NGINX, Microsoft IIS, Node.js, Varnish Cache, HAProxy, and Lighttpd. This means edge servers can easily access device information and use it to offer new premium, mobile optimization services.

For a content delivery service with high-performance requirements, we offer our WURFL Ultra. We can match the speed required by the largest CDN service, with no sacrifice in accuracy.

Innovative Device Capabilities To Drive CDN Caching Strategies

WURFL InFuze provides over 500 fields that describe and classify device capabilities. These capabilities describe critical features like price of the device, screen dimension, or media rendering capabilities. These also include useful virtual capabilities like “is_smartphone”, “is_robot”, and “is_touchscreen.”

WURFL InSight: Analytics

Enterprises are applying Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics tools and techniques to a growing number of business and operational issues. Analysts are studying Mobile Web activity as a critical dimension of many business decisions. WURFL InSight can support analysis of web activity by adding mobile device capabilities and generating enhanced web logs for data warehouses. WURFL Insight now offers modules that integrate with Splunk, Tableau, Spark, Talend, Informatica PowerCenter, and IBM DataStage.

ImageEngine: Image CDN and Optimization

Nothing can speed up pages loads more than optimizing images.  ImageEngine can:

• Reduce image payload and accelerates page load time by 60%, resulting in improved web performance.
• Resize images based on device capabilities and optimal file compression formats.
• Integrate with your CDN service, offering value-added services.

ImageEngine is unique among CDNs and image resizing services because it proactively identifies devices by using WURFL device detection. With this device intelligence, ImageEngine can select an optimal size and file format.

Enterprise Support

Our staff of full-time support professionals has over 30 years of device detection and operations experience. We provide 24/7 ticketed support for CDN service around the world, including the fastest response and resolution time in the industry.