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2016 Q3 Download Complete MOVR Report


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More Mobile Insights in Google Analytics with WURFL.js

The Google Adwords team recently published a post on how to get better insights into mobile traffic on a web site.

analytics adwords wurfl

Most businesses see a shift in customer behavior that indicates customers are both more comfortable converting on their mobile devices and are shifting their research to mobile. To understand this better, we have created a new dashboard for you that helps you analyze mobile specific data for your own website.

The problem with this dashboard is that it only shows generic information. Mobile vs. not mobile is is an important differentiator, but “mobile” is a wide definition. The mobile space is endlessly diverse and extremely dynamic. For example, the chart grouping traffic based on operating system is “nice to know”, but that’s about it. Even within iOS or Android the diversity of devices, browser and capabilities is vast. An iPhone 6S Plus is a very different device compared to a iPhone 5. Similarly, a low end Android device is miles away from the latest fashion top model from Samsung. This is true for everything from screen size to processing power. This will affect your conversions and usability of your site, thus it’s critical to monitor continuously.

Google Analytics Dashboard with WURFL.js

This is why we made this Google Analytics dashboard powered by WURFL.js. The dashboard is publicly available and free for anyone to install. Here is a video explaining the simple steps:

Read a detailed explanation here.

Product Support Web Developer

Product Support Specialist

Mobile Technology Startup Seeking Product Support Web Developer, DC Metro Area

ScientiaMobile is the world leader in mobile device detection solutions. We are a passionate, fast-growing startup determined to build smarter solutions for our developer community and customers worldwide. We provide mobile device data to companies like Google, Facebook and PayPal for use in analytics, advertising and web optimization. In 2015, we were named by Red Herring as one of the top 100 most promising startups in North America.

About the role:

We are looking for an enthusiastic entry-level Product Support Web Developer who likes working in a casual, small team environment.

The Product Support Web Developer will work with engineers to solve customer requests, and will communicate directly with customers.

The ideal candidate is a self-starter who loves working with new and emerging technologies to solve problems, and who has a desire to grow their technical or programming skills.

This pivotal role will have direct interaction with both customers and developers, and will improve their own understanding of Software Engineering in the process.


  • Liaison for any product technical support
  • Work closely with an international engineering team to resolve customer support requests
  • Assist sales staff with pre-sales technical support questions
  • Document support requests, customer issues and resolutions in an internal knowledge base
  • Meeting customer service level agreements (SLAs) for support response times


  • Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to work independently
  • Strong customer management skills
  • Ability to communicate technical issues to all audiences
  • A desire to offer phenomenal customer service
  • Programming skills or desire to improve them is a plus
  • Minimum of 1 year of experience with B2B software product support
  • Ability to maintain flexible work schedule

How you can stand out

  • Describe what excellent service means to you
  • Tell us anything else you want to brag about

Benefits and Perks

  • 10 days paid vacation
  • 5 days paid sick leave
  • Casual work environment
  • Health/Vision/Dental
  • 401K Retirement plan
  • Lunch stipend
  • Monthly reimbursement for mobile phone, home internet, and gym (limits apply)


MOVR Report Q3 has been Released and it was a Great Success

In God we trust. All others must bring data.”
– W. Edwards Deming

Last week we announced the second episode of our Mobile OverView Report (MOVR for friends)  for Q3.

Compared to Q2, we followed the advice of those who commented on the first MOVR report (Q2) and included quite a lot of good interesting data that is hard to find anywhere else. Above all, we presented it on a continent by continent basis that made it very interesting, along with some nice data visualization.



2 days after the announcement, over 20 thousand people had downloaded the PDF. This has us very pleased, but, at the same time, it only surprised us to a point. The report comes with a lot of interesting information.


For example, did you know that:


  • 13% of web traffic from mobile devices originate from apps with embedded browsers (webview)
  • Facebook app is by far the biggest source of non-browser (webview) traffic
  • By end of Q3, iPhone 6 accounted for 5.8% and iPhone 6 Plus represented 0.8% of all iOS Smartphones in North America
  • For Smartphones, 61% is Android and 31% is iOS Globally. Windows Phone OS represent 6.5%.
  • By end of Q3 iOS 7.1 is still the predominant version, however 30% of iOS traffic is iOS 8.
  • Most Smartphones used for web browsing have screens between 4 and 5 inches. Asians prefer bigger screens
  • Most Tablets used for web browsing have screens between 9 and 10 inches. Asians prefer smaller screens.
  • Chrome browser usage on Smartphones is growing. iOS smartphones generate 6% of all Chrome traffic.
  • Samsung (40%) and Apple (28%) are the biggest contributors to Chrome browsing volumes for tablets.
  • Chrome usage is growing on iOS devices. 8% Chrome usage on tablets and 6% on Smartphones.
  • Moto G (10%) is the most popular Smartphone in Brazil followed by Nokia Lumia 520 (8%).
  • Windows Phone OS has a significant share of 18% of Smartphone traffic in Brazil.
  • Brazilians also use their tablets in bed. They go to sleep at 10PM.
  • Only 19 tablets are making up the top 10 tablets across all continents
  • Top 10 Smartphones consist of only 24 devices across all continents

All this and more is to be found in the Q3 report. Luke Wroblewski also liked the report and so did many of his followers if we have to judge by the number of retweets and favorites.



To conclude with the words of the MOVR newsletter (yes, we recommend you subscribe), ScientiaMobile has published MOVR to provide the mobile Web community with timely information about device usage trends. MOVR focuses on smartphone, tablet and feature phone usage, drawn from a sample of our internal data sources from around the world with over 2.5 billion hits. Enjoy.

ScientiaMobile Offers WURFL Image Tailor for Easy to Use Mobile Image Resizing

WIT service for front-end Web developers automatically detects mobile devices and resizes images for optimal web site performance


Today, ScientiaMobile, the company behind the popular WURFL Device Description Repository, has launched WURFL Image Tailor (WIT), Community Edition. This service is designed for front-end Web developers who want an easy, fast, and reliable way to resize images based on the type of device accessing their web sites. This highly available cloud-based service is offered to the community of web developers without charge.

Large pictures on websites frequently cause slow loading on mobile devices with limited bandwidth from mobile operators. Slow performance degrades the user experience and can cause users to abandon the site – a big problem for e-commerce and content-heavy sites. Solving this problem requires accurate detection of mobile devices, their screen dimensions, and image display capabilities.

Using a simple prefix of wit.wurlf.io, developers can instantly resize images accessible through a public URL. The following example optimally resizes the URL http://wurfl.io/assets/sunsetbeach.jpg based on the screen size of the mobile device accessing them.

<img src=”//wit.wurfl.io/http://wurfl.io/assets/sunsetbeach.jpg”>

On the back end, WIT ties into WURFL, the industry’s most accurate and trusted source for device detection. Additional controls over the scaling and formatting of the images are also available to better serve high-resolution Retina display devices and to obtain more granular control of the user experience. By addressing image size, web developers can drastically reduce the size of their website payloads, particularly those sites that already adopt techniques meant to optimize the mobile UX, such as Responsive Web Design (RWD) and Progressive Enhancement.

“We’ve made it easy to pipe images through WIT and instantly optimize the size of the image sent to mobile devices,” said Jon Arne Saeteraas, VP of Innovation at ScientiaMobile. “We understand that many front-end developers are not comfortable tinkering with server-side technologies needed to accurately identify devices and their screen sizes. WIT effectively addresses that point by making the solution sit one URL away.”
WIT is an extension of the WURFL.io product line that offers useful services for front-end developers based on WURFL’s device detection services. Previously, ScientiaMobile launched WURFL.js to provide device make, model, and form factor available through a simple JavaScript snippet.

“We see large demand for services based on WURFL device detection, even from Responsive Web Design developers,” said Krishna Guda, CEO of ScientiaMobile. “With tools as easy as WIT and WURFL.js, we see many front-end developers integrating these tools to improve the mobile web experience.”

Luca Passani, CTO of ScientiaMobile, said, “WIT is not the first image-resizing tool in the Cloud, but existing solutions tend to come with a catch either in the form of price, low-reliability, or lack of server-side device detection. WIT addresses all of these issues.”

“Blog4Mob has always striven to support all form factors. Resizing images for mobile devices has always been a big deal. WIT nicely and effectively addresses the issue of serving smaller pictures to mobile devices, ranging from smartphones, all the way down to older BlackBerry’s,” said Dorian Kirkwood, Chief Content Editor of the Blog4Mob micro-blogging platform.

WURFL Image Tailor (WIT) documentation and demo are available at http://wurfl.io/#wit.

ScientiaMobile provides the industry’s most accurate and flexible device detection solution, helping customers deliver great web experiences and manage the increasingly fragmented mobile device ecosystem. ScientiaMobile sells WURFL, a constantly-updated repository that catalogues thousands of devices and their capabilities and provides access to them via range of API languages. The WURFL framework enables many organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, to effectively design and analyze web experiences for an ever-growing range of smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and game consoles.


Making Mobile Device Detection Easy for Analysts

farley-ninjaYou are a data Cuisinart – slicing and dicing and analyzing all day long.  You have laid your hands on weblogs and you would love to figure out a whole bunch of questions related to mobile. Like, how many android tablets are using your web site?  How many non-smartphones? What is the breakdown of Android vs. iOS vs Windows Phone OS vs other?  What are the most popular mobile devices by brand and model? How big are the screens?

Getting your hand on that data is easy.  Unfortunately, installing the WURFL API requires getting the IT staff involved.  They say, “Sure, no problem. We will install the mobile device detection on a server, integrate the API and spit out data into a new data file.  Give us a month…”   [Head slams on desk]

ScientiaMobile decided to give you a shortcut with the WURFL InSight data service.  You can download the WURFL files that have up to 500 device capabilities from your personal customer vault.  With your ninja-like BI skills, you can join them with your weblogs using the SQL tools you have mastered over the years. No need for help from those slackers at the IT department. Needless to say: you love every second of it. Way to go, Analyst!I ran an experiment with the WURFL InSight and joined the tables with the weblogs of a site I run.  In less than 30 minutes, I had great intelligence about how frequently mobile devices were using the web site and what types of tablets and smartphones they use. Simple and easy.

I’m Ken Jones and I approve this message.

December 4, 2013 By Kenneth Jones

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