Using Smartphone Price in E-Commerce and Advertising

WURFL is adding more features, accuracy, and speed to their WURFL device intelligence solutions. Currently, we have a new WURFL capability in beta that provides the price of the device at date of the of device release. This new capability is named “Release_MSRP” (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). We would like selected customers to engage in a beta trial and share their findings back with us.price-of-phone

How E-Commerce and Advertising Can Use the Price of a Device

E-commerce and advertising companies can benefit from linking indicators of willingness to buy (or price elasticity) to the products they are selling. The price of a user’s smartphone or tablet is a strong indicator of the relative wealth and willingness to spend money on an item. MSRP allows them to target ads or products in real time. Innovative companies can act on this willingness to buy in real-time, gauging their e-commerce customers’ wallets and utilizing price discrimination tactics to increase revenue. Likewise, they can link this willingness to spend to other demographic and technographic indicators that an advertiser or e-commerce player might have in their targeted buyer persona.

Contact us here to learn more about the MSRP Price Beta
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Accuracy of our Device Intelligence

“We know every device that has a browser on the planet.”best-binoculars
-Krishna Guda, Co-Founder & CEO

When it comes to identifying mobile traffic for our customers, we pride ourselves in maintaining industry-leading accuracy of approximately 99 percent. But we don’t stop here. We are constantly improving and advancing our detection software to give our customers the most used mobile and tablet identification to optimize their users mobile experience.

Why We’re the Best in the Business

When compared to others in the mobile detection space, we have far surpassed our competition to offer the most accurate device intelligence solutions for enterprise customers.

Our secret is twofold:

  1. We’ve never stopped investing in accurately identifying the newest user agents in the world,
  2. And we listen to our enterprise customers and create new products to address their needs.

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This Holiday Season, Convert More Mobile Traffic into Sales

131203085858-cyber-monday-1024x576The 2016 holiday season is right around the corner and more shoppers will shop on their smartphones or tablets than physical retailers for the first time ever. M-commerce sales will account for the bulk of holiday purchases totaling more than $67 Billion. As a digital marketer, business analyst, or advertiser, it’s critical that your business intelligence properly identifies mobile devices and trends.

At ScientiaMobile, we know every device on the planet and are constantly on the lookout for new devices to add to our weekly updates so that our clients’ mobile web experience is always the best it can be. Our investment translates into sales for you.

E-Commerce Holiday Shopping Trends

Not only will more mobile customers shop online than in stores this year, but according to, smartphone shoppers will generate more sales than tablets for the first time ever. And other trends like REI’s Black Friday closure are still going strong this year. As E-commerce, and more specifically, M-commerce, continues to grow during the holidays, it’s time to refocus your business strategies to target potential customers on different devices.

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Protected: Use HAProxy to Load Balance by Smartphone or Tablet

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Top 5 Things to Know about Mexico’s Mobile Users



1. Higher Smartphone Usage
Compared to the U.S., Mexico has a higher percentage of smartphone users than the U.S. by two percent. However, when we compared the amount of tablet usage, Mexico was slightly behind the U.S. by two percent. Overall, Mexico and the U.S. have a very similar form factor with almost no feature phone usage.

2. Samsung Leads Manufacturers
With both the top smartphone and tablet usage in Mexico, Samsung is the clear winner. The top smartphone in Mexico is the Galaxy Core II Duos and the top tablet in Mexico is the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0. This demonstrates a large difference between the U.S. smartphone and tablet market which prefers Apple largely over Samsung.

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Device Detection: Apple iPhone 7 Release Trends

iPhone 7 launch resultsThe anticipation of an Apple release is always palpable among consumers. The excitement, the long line, and the lure of Apple’s iconic and sleek product design command top dollar.

But how does Apple’s iPhone 7 release compare to the usual iPhone release? We found out.

Using our device detection API, we were able to quantify customer adoption of iPhones over the first 14 days following their release. We compared the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus release in 2014 with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus release in 2015, and the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus release in 2016. Learn more, watch our MOVR Q3 2016 Report Webinar.
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Where’s the Money? Target Your Ads Based on the Price of Viewer’s Smartphone

When you advertise on the web, there’s not much you can instantly discern about your audience. With WURFL device intelligence, you can now pinpoint the price of the smartphone model your mobile viewers are

How Mobile Marketing Tech Leaders Get Ahead

Sophisticated brands and mobile advertisers can correlate the smartphone model to other demographic and technographic segmentation criteria, leading to better targeting and improved ROI. But what if you could instantly also know the price of their smartphone. For advertisers, using smartphone price as an indicator of willingness to pay is, well… priceless!

We continue to add innovative new capabilities to WURFL’s device detection intelligence. Recently, we added each model’s Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) at the initial date of release. In the MOVR 2016 Q3 report, we applied this MSRP to billions of records and discovered some interesting trends.

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Golang and WURFL: an Overdue Marriage

It does not matter how slowly you GO as LANG as you do not stop” – Confucius, slightly adapted

The Golang WURFL Opportunity

By Luca Passani, CTO @ScientiaMobile

Here at ScientiaMobile, we have heard requests over the last several years for a WURFL API that supported the Go programming language (AKA golang). Technically speaking, the idea of supporting golang has been attractive. But then again, a lot of other languages and technologies were worthy of WURFL support. We had to prioritize. Compared to other opportunities in the industry, golang consistently fell a little short.

Nevertheless, we would see many (mostly lame) attempts to bridge the gap between WURFL and golang pop up around the Internet. To us, this was a clear indication that something had to be done.

Be the First to Use WURFL InFuze for Golang!

Last summer we got one of our engineers on the case. He came up with a functioning Go module. The golang WURFL module is still unreleased. Here at ScientiaMobile, we would love to work with someone who already uses golang and can deploy the module in a real-world environment.

We will assist that person or company in the installation/deployment of the module in order to ensure that it functions as advertised. You can contact us through our Inquiry Form.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Luca Passani – CTO

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Client Hints in the Wild

Client Hints usage is growing for to help optimize images. The Mobile Overview Report 2016 Q3 (MOVR) shows 6% of images from Chrome browsers now use client hints. And both mobile and desktop usage is growing.

What is Client Hints?

Client Hints is an initiative from Google that addresses the shortcomings of handling responsive images only by markup. It’s simply too cumbersome and difficult to scale.

The draft specification states

An increasing diversity of Web-connected devices and software capabilities has created a need to deliver optimized content for each device.

The Mobile Web Camp has been pushing this approach for years. The need for optimization is critical for a good user experience on mobile devices.

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Recalling Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Not So Easy

Update on November 3rd: We now see that users are heeding the recall. Usage for Samsung Note 7 has dropped consistently over the last 3 weeks.  The usage has dropped to 33% of its peak level.

After five weeks, traffic has dropped below the September 10th level, when the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission issued a recall notice. Note 7s are still out there being used. Samsung still has work to do to get the Note 7 out of circulation.

Samsung has clearly had problems with its Samsung Galaxy Note 7.  On October 11, Samsung announced they were discontinuing the model.  But a recall will prove difficult for Samsung because usage continues to grow.  Samsung will need to pry the Galaxy Note 7 from the hands of users who clearly like the smartphone.

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