Capabilities for WURFL OnSite Evaluation

Capabilities for WURFL OnSite Evaluation License

The Evaluation package comes with an XML file containing the WURFL Device Capabilities shown below. If you have specific WURFL capabilities that your would like to evaluate, please contact our salesforce here and we will provide a trial that fits your needs.

Capability Description
brand_name The brand name of the device. (ex: Nokia)
model_name The model name of the device. (ex: N95)
marketing_name In addition to Brand and Model, some devices have a marketing name.
(ex: BlackBerry 8100 Pearl, Nokia 8800 Scirocco,
Samsung M800 Instinct).
device_os Information about hosting OS.
device_os_version Which version of the hosting OS.
preferred_markup This field identifies which markup is best supported by the device. This field is filled on personal experiences of our contributors and is used by the WALL library. Values for this capability look like: wml_1_1, html_wi_imode_compact_generic and html_wi_oma_xhtmlmp_1_0. Just like any other capability, you may override this value in the patch file.
Important note: the html_web_4_0 value for this capability suggests that the device is better served with HTML content (and MIME type). In this case, referring to capabilities in the html_ui and css groups is useful (In particular, the viewport_*, handheldfriendly and mobileoptimised capabilities can be used to force a mobile user-experience).
xhtml_support_level Assuming the device supports some form of XHTML, this capability measures how reliably certain common designer features are supported, according to the following description:
level -1: no XHTML support of any kind. Possible WML support Nokia 7110, 7210 as well as all UP.Browser 4 and 5 devices.
level 0: basic XHTML Support. Minimum screen-width: 100 pixel No (or very unreliable) CSS support. Poor table support or none at all. Basic forms: text field, select-option, submit button. May not be able to support input mask on fields. Ex Device: SonyEricsson T610/T616
level 1: XHTML with some CSS support. Minimum sceen-width: 120 pixels. Hyperlinks may not be collorable by CSS. Basic table support: 2×2 or more. Colspan and rowspan may not be supported. “width” expressed as percentage may be unreliable. Ex Device: Sharp GX 10, Nokia 3650
level 2: Assume same capabilities as level 1, but may vary in the future. Ex Device: Nokia6600,Nokia5300
level 3: Excellent CSS support. Padding, border and margin are correctly applied. Can reliable apply colors to links, text and background. CSS graphic effects are pixel perfect Minimum sceen-width: 164 pixels. Can support complex tables (but not necessarily nested tables) up to 4 cells in a row. Setting “font-size” of 10px or above produces readable text. Supports background images also when applied through CSS. Generally running on 3G devices. Ex: Nokia Series 60 DP 3, Browsers: Openwave Mobile Browser 6.2, MS Mobile Explorer, recent BlackBerrys. Netfront 3.2, Sony PSP… (assuming high-bandwidth, Edge/UMTS/…)
level 4: Level 3 + Ajax support. Toggle display property. XMLHTTPRequest(). Ex: Safari Browser (including iPhone), MS Mobile Explorer, Openwave 7.2.
ux_full_desktop User-Agent (i.e. HTTP Client requesting the content) is a fully-fledged Desktop web-browser with access to physical QWERTY keyboard and mouse (mobile devices, consoles, smart-tvs and more or less advanced tablets are excluded from this category)
is_tablet Tells you if a device is a tablet computer (iPad and similar, regardless of OS).
is_wireless_device Tells you if a device is wireless or not. Specifically a mobile phone or a PDA are considered as wireless devices, but a desktop PC or a laptop are not.
can_assign_phone_number Device is a mobile phone and may have a phone number associated to it.
is_smarttv Device is a SmartTV (GoogleTV, Boxee Box, AppleTV, etc.).
resolution_width This field represents the screen width expressed in pixels.
resolution_height This field represents the screen height expressed in pixels.
pointing_method Links and widgets can be activated with either a stylus, a finger, a joystick
or a BlackBerry-style clickwheel.