Accuracy of our Device Intelligence

Accuracy of our Device Intelligence

“We know every device that has a browser on the planet.”best-binoculars
-Krishna Guda, Co-Founder & CEO

When it comes to identifying mobile traffic for our customers, we pride ourselves in maintaining industry-leading accuracy of approximately 99 percent. But we don’t stop here. We are constantly improving and advancing our detection software to give our customers the most used mobile and tablet identification to optimize their users mobile experience.

Why We’re the Best in the Business

When compared to others in the mobile detection space, we have far surpassed our competition to offer the most accurate device intelligence solutions for enterprise customers.

Our secret is twofold:

  1. We’ve never stopped investing in accurately identifying the newest user agents in the world,
  2. And we listen to our enterprise customers and create new products to address their needs.

What This Means for Our Customers

Of all of the mobile traffic in the entire world, we are able to accurately identify almost all traffic correctly. What this means for our customers is the highest quality of device detection, faster ecommerce purchases, higher conversion and purchase rates, faster image loading, and the best data analytics of mobile traffic available. We support industry-leading ecommerce platforms such as Amazon and Facebook who require the very best accuracy offered in the mobile detection market, period.

We measure our accuracy based on what matters most to our customers: mobile traffic. Accurately detecting every manufactured device in the world (including new phones and tablets from China) is challenging. We invest in API improvements and do the leg-work to detect as much traffic from mobile devices as possible.

Our Investment in Accuracy

We focus on accuracy above all else because it is critical to our customer’s business processes. Other metrics, like speed of detection, are also important, but we will not sacrifice speed for accuracy. Nevertheless, we have maintained our lead in speed and scalability with products like WURFL InFuze, which has a C-based detection engine that is many multiples faster than our original WURFL product from 2011. 

Compared to WURFL, our competitors have a long way to go.  Many offer a slightly-improved API that was that was forked from our original open source code. Their lack of investment in accuracy hurt a customer’s ability to effectively identify user agents. But with WURFL, our commitment to quality will payoff for our customers.