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Israel Smartphone Usage: 2017 Q1

Israel smartphone - top israeli smartphones

Israel’s smartphone usage follows several larger global trends. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the country’s most popular phone, with 7% of smartphone usage. The S5 is rather old in smartphone terms. This age points to larger issues with Samsung’s recent launch of the S8. The S7 and S7 Edge (both at 5%) are growing and are the next most popular Android devices. The iPhone 6 is the most popular iPhone at 5%. LG’s G3 (4.5%) and G4 (3.6%) smartphones have a significantly larger market share than in the United States. For more information on the Israeli market, sign […]


Img Srcset: Are You Resizing Your Images For The Mobile Web?

img srcset - Responsive images - Image CDN - ImageEngine

Over-sized image payloads slow down the web – particularly on mobile devices. Yes, those hero images look great on large 4K displays used by graphic designers, but it is overkill for an average smartphone user. New HTML elements make it possible to deliver appropriately-sized images to mobile devices. But is the framework too cumbersome to use? Are there better alternatives for delivering right-sized images? In the latest MOVR report, we look at browser readiness for img srcset and picture HTML elements.


Smartphone Price and Your Website: User Demographics

smartphone price by website category

Smartphone Price: Instant Economic Demographic A website using WURFL device detection can instantly learn a user’s smartphone price. This info is one of the few economic indicators that a website can instantly discern about a customer. Websites’ user bases vary based on their affluence and willingness to purchase. MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is a great tool for identifying a user’s economic preferences. In our MOVR research, we studied billions of hits and profiled them by their website category. There is an over $300 variance in the average price of Android smartphones that visit these sites. Right in the middle are […]


Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. iPhone 8: What Is At Stake?

Samsung Galaxy S8

To say much is at stake in the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the next iPhone launch is a huge understatement. Particularly for Samsung. After their debacle with the Note 7 with its fires and eventual recall, Samsung needs a win. In fact even without the Note 7 issues, Samsung has much on the line. Looking at the launches and usage of the S5, S6, and S7, we see trends that highlight the importance of S8’s launch. Samsung Galaxy 8 and Launch History First, the Samsung S5 was one of the most popular and successful smartphones in history. […]

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