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Get WURFL Release 1.8

WURFL Release 1.8

ScientiaMobile has released version 1.8 of its WURFL API. To get the best possible performance from your WURFL solution, you should have both the latest API (1.8) and our most recent XML (released weekly to Commercial license customers). What’s New in Release 1.8 Improved detection of iOS 10. Improved ability to identify if the requesting HTTP client is an App Adding of WURFL Updater that simplifies the setting up and maintenance of weekly XML file updates (Java only) Improved decoding of User Agent strings containing special characters Improved identification of MIUI devices Release 1.8 is available across all WURFL products. WURFL OnSite […]


Add ImageEngine To Your CDN Mix

On the web today, there is a strong focus on performance. A website must be rendered as fast as possible for all users regardless of their geographical location, device capabilities, latency and bandwidth. The value of a fast loading web page is well documented. If we look closer at the drivers that slow down a website, then we discover that mobile devices connected through the telco network have a much slower experience. This is because of the resources available in this context. However, there are many things we can do to mitigate these slowdowns. One solution is to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN). CDNs […]


3 Reasons Your Responsive Web Images Load Slowly. And How To Fix It.

ImageEngine wordpress plugin

So you have built a responsive web site. Congratulations – all of your mobile web problems are now solved! Well, not so fast. A common complaint is that responsive web sites look great on mobile devices, but the pages and images load slowly. Mobile users expect fast-loading sites and will start to abandon after several seconds. The biggest cause for slow-loading is oversized image payload. Typically, developers choose from 4 options to load images on mobile devices.  Steve Kamerman, ScientiaMobile’s COO, outlines these approaches in an interview at Velocity 2016 – a conference focusing on web performance (start at 2:10) 3 Reasons Your […]

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