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jQuery Plugin for ImageEngine

ImageEngine is an image resizing tool particularly suited for web mobile scenarios where it can significantly reduce the image payload of and improve the load time of views. ImageEngine works as a plain and smart Content Delivery Network (CDN). It sits in between your server application and the client browser and replaces the host server when it comes to serving some, or all, of the images of the web view. In this article, we’ll see how to encapsulate the functionality of the ImageEngine in a jQuery plugin. An Executive Summary of ImageEngine Because a picture is always worth a thousand […]


Splunk and Talend Users Can Now Identify over 40,000 Mobile Devices and Analyze Web Traffic With WURFL InSight

Reston, VA., March 8, 2016/PRNewswire/ — ScientiaMobile has launched its WURFL InSight modules for Splunk and Talend which enhances Web logs with up-to-date information regarding devices and their capabilities. Leveraging a new high-speed architecture, WURFL InSight for Splunk and Talend provides device intelligence about mobile smartphones, tablets and other devices visiting your website. Learn more in this video: Using these Business Intelligence (BI) tools on the enhanced Web logs, you can drill down on the form factor, device model, operating system version, manufacturer, and over 500 other capabilities. Marketing/Business Analysts, IT Operations Teams, and other Analysts across an organization will […]


Getting Started With WURFL In Ektron CMS

The integration in place between Ektron and WURFL allows you to accurately detect mobile devices in order to intelligently serve optimized content. To enable device detection in Ektron you need to take the following two steps: Enable WURFL in your current Ektron configuration Get WURFL binaries and add them to your current Ektron configuration   Enable WURFL in Ektron In order to tell Ektron to use WURFL, you open the web.config file and locate the appsettings tag. Then ensure you have the following entry: <add key=”ek_EnableDeviceDetection” value=”true” /> Note that device detection is an optional feature in Ektron. You […]

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