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Responsive Images Specification and Real-World Scenarios

By Jon Arne Sæterås The real problem is not whether machines think, but whether men do. B. F. Skinner Finally the long awaited Responsive Images specification (respimg) is making its way into browsers. Briefly summarized, the Responsive Images specification introduces two new attributes to the img element, sizes and srcset, and a brand new <picture> element. The Responsive Images Community Group (RICG) has outlined 9 different use cases that the new method for displaying images on the web should address. Seen from web developers’ and content editors’ perspectives it makes sense to combine these 9 use cases into 2 scenarios. Jason Grigsby did exactly that […]


iPhone 6 Already at 5.8% of Traffic; Sneak Peak at MOVR Q3

iPhone 6 already generates 5.8% of daily Apple iPhone web traffic in N. America by end of Q3.   Subscribe to MOVR and learn about emerging trends in mobile device usage around the world.

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