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WURFL Adds Maven Support for Java Programmers!

Configuring your Builds to work with ScientiaMobile’s Private Maven Repository We are proud to announce that we have made it even easier to include the WURFL API into your Java project with the introduction of a private Maven repository! If you are a commercial licensee of the WURFL OnSite Java API, it is as easy as adding your credentials into your settings.xml file and including WURFL as a dependency in your pom.xml file. You will first need to define an ID using a username and password that are associated with your license on and then place that into […]


WAP DTDs are dead. Long live the WAP DTDs!

To my great surprise, someone mentioned WAP DTDs again on the WMLProgramming list (this is a mailing list of historical interested still hosted at Yahoo! groups. It’s the place where WURFL was born). And it was not simply a mention of DTDs, but rather a cry for help! Hello all. I have a quick question, requireing a long trip down memmory lane for most of us. In updating a site that runs WML output, I have stumbled upon a DTD issue When attempting to validate well formed wml against certain outdated dtd specs. I am wondering if anyone knows of […]

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