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From the Cloud with Love and Only the User Agent String

by Dino Esposito, our WURFL Developer Evangelist for Microsoft Technologies and .NET Guru When we designed the WURFL cloud API, we mostly thought of a web-based world. For this reason, the ASP.NET API requires an HttpContext object and uses it to understand just about  everything about the incoming request. To proceed from a solid frame of reference, let’s say that you start with code similar to this: var config = new DefaultCloudClientConfig { ApiKey = “…” }; var manager = new CloudClientManager(config); The manager object is the console that gives you access to the cloud-stored information about the device. On the […]


WURFL Capabilities Got Virtual

by Dino Esposito, our WURFL Developer Evangelist for Microsoft Technologies and .NET Guru The WURFL platform has supported virtual capabilities in its WURFL Cloud service for a while. Now, with the release of the API 1.5, virtual capabilities have been revised and extended to the WURFL OnSite, WURFL InFuze and WURFL InSight frameworks. In this post, we discuss virtual capabilities and how to use them in .NET applications. What’s a Virtual Capability? In general, there are some capabilities that are easy and straightforward to associate with a value, and other capabilities that require some calculation and depend on the value of […]


ScientiaMobile releases WURFL InSight device detection for mobile device analytics

December 04, 2013 ScientiaMobile today releases a new product, WURFL InSight, that addresses the need for device detection across the fast-growing field of analytics. With this data service, analysts can use WURFL tables to accurately identify mobile devices visiting their web sites or services. They can then extract those devices’ properties (features, and capabilities) from the weekly-updated WURFL tables and merge them with their own data marts. The WURFL InSight data service provides easy-to-install tables that will work off-the-shelf with analytics tools, while requiring limited support from the eternally-busy IT staff.


Using WURFL for Device Detection

For over 10 years, the WURFL Project has provided device detection through SourceForge.   For many developers, WURFL is the first step in creating a great mobile experience. With the founding of ScientiaMobile,  we have investing in new and  innovative products.  Today, ScientiaMobile offers enterprises a number of commercial license options without the limitations of AGPL.  Below is a blog (also published on SourceForge) describing the most popular use case for using WURFL. Device Diversity There are literally thousands of device types in use today. In the Android OS alone, there are over 4,000 permutations of device, screen size, and other […]

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