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The Shifting Sands of Device Identifiers

Or, The Half-Life of User Agents One of the key identifiers that WURFL uses to detect devices is the user agent (UA) string. This string morphs based on the device, OS version, browser version and several other dimensions. Over the lifecycle of a device, that device’s user agent will change – especially if you are gadget geek who upgrades, experiments with alternate browsers, or generally fiddles around with his/her phone or tablet. So, we knew UA string change, but how quickly do we see the universe of active user agents change? If we see a user agent this month, what […]


Making Mobile Device Detection Easy for Analysts

You are a data Cuisinart – slicing and dicing and analyzing all day long.  You have laid your hands on weblogs and you would love to figure out a whole bunch of questions related to mobile. Like, how many android tablets are using your web site?  How many non-smartphones? What is the breakdown of Android vs. iOS vs Windows Phone OS vs other?  What are the most popular mobile devices by brand and model? How big are the screens? Getting your hand on that data is easy.  Unfortunately, installing the WURFL API requires getting the IT staff involved.  They say, […]

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