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BDConf and Exposing WURFL Capabilities to JavaScript

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci (disputed)   Important Note (April 2014): If you are interested in using WURFL from Javascript, you may want to check out (or this blog post). Steve and I were at the awesome Breaking Development Conference  last week in Dallas, Texas. What an amazing stand-up of great speakers (and what an amazing chance for networking!). The presentations covered quite a lot of ground and a variety of topics. Some speakers gave their more high-level “long term” visions of where mobile is going and how every device (including your toaster) will be communicating […]


WURFL in the Cloud with Node.js

  “JavaScript was my first love, but will it be my last? in this world of trouble, we put Node.js to the test.“ Adapted from a popular song by John Miles I started my professional career as a web programmer. I learned HTML and Perl for CGI scripts while at my last year in college and the only browser was Mosaic. I was excited when Netscape came about and even more so when they introduced some client-side interactivity through LiveScript, soon to be renamed JavaScript (I guess someone in some large company’s marketing department had decided that exploiting the Java wave was a good idea). […]

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