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WURFL Direct Download Gets Gzip Support

One of the most requested features since we launched ScientiaMobile was a URL to download the latest WURFL Snapshot.  In August 2011, we introduced the WURFL Direct Download URL, which is a custom URL for our customers that allows them to download their latest authorized WURFL Snapshot.  This snapshot is internally licensed to the customer when it is downloaded, based on their ScientiaMobile license. Since its introduction, the Direct Download URL system has become quite popular.  Now, just 8 months later, we are serving nearly 900 requests for WURFL Snapshots per day!  Until this past week, the URL has only […]


MoDevUX in DC

  I’ve been so busy in the last 2 years that catching a plane to attend a conference has been out of question. Of course, when a good conference like MoDevUX in DC takes place, I have no excuse but to ask Steve to pick me up and drive to Tyson’s Corner faster than you can say “you can’t use the HOV lane” (If you are two, you can carpool). Let me say this loud and clear. This is a great conference. You get to meet a lot of interesting people. It’s good to develop the business and you probably […]


Share WURFL across Multiple Java Web Applications with JNDI

by Fulvio Crivellaro, ScientiaMobile, Java Team A lot of work has gone into optimizing WURFL, both in terms of performance and memory consumption for version 1.4 of the Java API. With this tutorial, we show you how you can save even more memory by sharing the running WURFL instance among different web applications, thanks to the Java Naming Directory Interface (JNDI) API. This article (and the examples that come with it) have been tested on Tomcat, but readers shouldn’t encounter too much trouble porting them to other Application Servers. As usual, provide Tomcat with the WURFL JAR and its dependencies, by placing […]


Smart TVs and WURFL

  Someone just pinged me about Twitter traffic coming from the Breaking Development conference in Orlando. Jason Grigsby delivered a great presentation about Smart TVs, the next big wave and the one that will make the life of RWDoers even more exciting (yes, it’s irony): Among other things, Jason is complaining that Smart TVs are coming, but how to detect them in the jungle of UA strings is left as a not-so-simple exercize for the poor developer. This made me jump on my chair. So much time and effort spent in supporting SmartTVs in WURFL API 1.4 and nobody […]


ScientiaMobile Launches WURFL API 1.4 for Mobile Device Detection

ScientiaMobile Launches WURFL™ API 1.4 for Mobile Device Detection Popular WURFL Device Description Repository (DDR) now available with New Improved API ScientiaMobile, Inc., a US company offering the popular Open-Source WURFL framework commercially, has today announced the availability of its WURFL API version 1.4. Companies that need to tailor their content to mobile devices can rely on state-of-the-art Device Detection from a company with 12 years experience in this field.  WURFL API 1.4 is made available for the Java, PHP and ASP.NET platforms, in addition to the popular DB API, geared at enterprises that prefer to maintain their data in […]


To the New Charles Dickens

"'Come,' said Mr. Bumble, somewhat less pompously, for it was gratifying to his feelings to observe the effect his eloquence had produced; 'Come, Oliver! Wipe your eyes with the cuffs of your jacket, and don't cry into your gruel; that's a very foolish action, Oliver.'"                        -from Oliver Twist, by Charles Dickens   We got this message this morning: "This is too expensive. I have a small 4 person business with one website that I maintain. We get around 200,000 unique visits each month. Under your plan that would be […]


Announcing the new WURFL 1.4 API for Several Platforms

“Throughout my career I swam for form.   Speed came as a result of it”    When Steve and I announced the advent of ScientiaMobile last summer, we knew that a mountain of work was awaiting us. One of the many challenges was that, over time, each WURFL API had taken a life of its own. If device detection was what ScientiaMobile sold, we’d better make that device detection consistent across all platforms and languages. To explain the challenge to the uninitiated, let me take one step back. I could easily argue that matching user-agent strings precisely is still today […]

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