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3 Reasons Your Responsive Web Images Load Slowly (And How To Fix It)

Jul 15th, 2016

So you have built a responsive web site. Congratulations – all of your mobile web problems are now solved! Well, not so fast. A common complaint is that responsive web sites look great on mobile devices, but the pages

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Add Automatic Device Detection and Image Resizing to CMS

Jul 11th, 2016

Many CMS platforms enable you to create content that can be effectively consumed regardless of the screen size of the requesting device. In this blog, you will learn about the many ways our products can benefit your user experiences in a content management system construct.

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Mobile Device Fragmentation and Proliferation

May 23rd, 2016

By Ken Jones
When we started ScientiaMobile, we had the opportunity to talk to several wise people regarding the need for Device Intelligence. At the time in 2010, it seemed like Apps and Apple would take over the world. Their crystal ball predicted much more homogeneity of devices. And when people used their mobile devices, it would be through apps, not a browser.

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Statistics on Internet Traffic – Tablets and Mobile Phones Compared

May 3rd, 2016

by Eduardo Casais – Part 2 of 2

Editors Note: We welcome posts from people interested in Device Intelligence. This is the second  of 2 posts that come from Eduardo Casais.

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What Statistics on Internet Traffic Teach Us About Mobile Development

Apr 26th, 2016

by Eduardo Casais – Part 1 of 2

Editors Note: We welcome posts from people interested in Device Intelligence. This is the first of 2 posts that come from Eduardo Casais.

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Getting Started With WURFL In Ektron CMS

Mar 3rd, 2016

The integration in place between Ektron and WURFL allows you to accurately detect mobile devices in order to intelligently serve optimized content. To enable device detection in Ektron you need to take the following two steps:

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Visit ScientiaMobile at the 2016 Mobile World Congress Barcelona Conference!

Feb 1st, 2016

Come find us! We will be located in Hall 8.1, Stand C13.
We would love to meet with you and discuss your mobile device detection needs.
Learn more about Mobile World Congress, click here

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Using Client Hints and Image Optimization

Jan 11th, 2016

Responsive images have been around long enough for most of us to have taken them for a spin, or at least to have learned from the experiences of those who have. Beyond doubt, the responsive images specification is a great win for the web.

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Mobile Device Usage Info Available at MOVR Visualization Now!

Nov 9th, 2015

On November 6, we released our MOVR report for 2015 Q3, providing timely information on mobile device usage around the world. At the same time, we introduced our MOVR Visualization tool.

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Optimize Images with ImageEngine

Oct 13th, 2015

A while back we launched a free image optimizing service over at This turned out to be a huge success, and we’re now serving billions of images every month, saving the end user kilobytes of data per image!

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