Enterprises are applying Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics tools techniques to a growing number of business and operational issues. Analysts can use powerful BI tools to extract, transform, and load massive amounts of data. Using an array of query and dashboard tools, they can transform this data into actionable information and make strategic decisions. WURFL’s device intelligence is a critical dimension in analytics platforms. Recognizing a user’s device and corresponding capabilities enables sound business decisions.

  • Advertisers can target device types and measure the success of their targeted campaigns
  • Video providers and Content Delivery Networks can analyze the device types using their networks and adjust accordingly
  • WURFL device data can be combined with location or demographic data to generate a richer profile of users
Analytics Process

WURFL can integrate with analytics platforms in several ways.

With WURFL InSight, ScientiaMobile provides a WURFL data source service that is table-driven for easy integration with BI tools, requiring little or no involvement from IT departments. Every week, new updates help ensure accurate device detection.

With WURFL OnSite, companies can use our API to populate data sets with device capability dimensions. Analytics vendors can also integrate WURFL OnSite directly into their data platforms.

For real-time analysis requiring high performance, WURFL InFuze can deliver device intelligence at blazingly fast speeds via its C++ API. Likewise, it can seamlessly offer WURFL capabilities to any application on server.