The ScientiaMobile APIs (including source code) are hosted on SourceForge and may be accessed using the links below. The code is released with the Affero GPL version 3 (AGPL v3). In practice, this means that the WURFL framework can be used only at the condition that the complete source code of the complete application is also released as Open Source. More information about this is provided in our FAQ.

Companies that are not comfortable with the AGPL obligations but still intend to adopt WURFL, can license WURFL commercially from ScientiaMobile.

In general, ScientiaMobile approves that companies download the AGPL version of the software for evaluation purposes. If in doubt about AGPL implications in terms when evaluating the product, please contact ScientiaMobile for clarification.

WURFL Repository

The Sourceforge WURFL website also offers a version of the WURFL database repository for download. Such a version is typically a few months old. Commercial licensees have access to weekly updates through their customer vault.

WURFL C/C++ API (Part of the InFuze product set)

ScientiaMobile offers a suite of Enterprise WURFL products including a C/C++ WURFL API. Such an API is only released commercially (i.e. not under a AGPL-commercial dual-licensing scheme as the other APIs) and interested parties can contact us for details.

Update Notifications

If you would like to be notified of our API updates, major data updates, and other technical changes, please subscribe to our ScientiaMobile Announcements list.